Nassim Haramein’s Delegate Program featuring Jamie Janover

Here’s a video I shot and edited for Nassim Haramein’s Delegate Program featuring Jamie Janover:

Nassim Haramein's Delegate Program featuring Jamie Janover from samsmall on Vimeo.

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to immerse yourself for an entire weekend in Nassim Haramein’s Delegate Program? The Resonance Project Foundation is pleased to announce our newest Ambassador, Jamie Janover, to present Nassim Haramein’s weekend Delegate Program in Byron Bay, Australia.

This is an opportunity to delve more deeply into Nassim’s groundbreaking and diverse body of work which only participants are able to touch upon in his longer seminars. Perhaps you’ve been moved and ignited by this information, yet – despite passionate attempts to transmit the material to others – feel limited in your capacity to represent it coherently? Or maybe you are looking for a way to become a more active participant in The Resonance Project’s mission?

For those ready to go to the next level and integrate this significant information with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding – whether you aspire to become a certified Emissary, enabling you to teach the seminars Haramein offers; or simply for your own personal understanding and ability to better articulate these complex theories – this opportunity now exists!

This weekend-long course will provide a chance for participants to join Janover in a beautiful and intimate setting as he reveals more of the intricacies and depths of Nassim’s work and the limitless potential applications for our world. Meditation techniques based on this knowledge will also be offered as an invaluable tool to aid in further integration, as you learn how to more effectively tap into the vacuum energy and the curvature of space and time and connect to your own personal singularity.

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