Fundraising Doc for St. Vincent’s Girls School

St Vincent's Catholic Girl's School; Fundraising video – Sam Small: Lighting, Camera, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer from samsmall on Vimeo.

I convinced Prudential that we would save a lot of money if they just bought me two Panasonic Varicams to shoot our commercials with rather than continue to shoot 35mm film. I needed to get familiar with the cameras so I convinced them too to loan me and the gear out to St Vincent’s a Newark, NJ Catholic Girls School. I got comfortable operating and lighting for the cameras while shooting this Doc. The faculty, students and families were so enthusiastic for their school it made editing this 7 minute promo piece a joy. And the Varicams too are an absolute joy to shoot with too.

Sam Small Director, Editor, Writer, Camera, Producer
(973) 271 0788

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