Equipment list

SWVS Equipment List

We have four complete remote production camera packages:

Panasonic HVX200 cameras with tripods, full lighting (traditional and florescent) and full audio (wireless mikes).

Each package can stand alone, recording in Hi Def to P2 cards or Firestore or as Standard Def to mini DV tape.

We have batteries for everything so we can shoot virtually anywhere.

Underwater housing for one camera.


LIVE SWITCHED: All four cameras can be part of a Hi Def, multi-camera, live-switched package for recording or live video streaming of events using our Tricaster TCXD300

With this portable package and a small crew we can inexpensively produce a broadcast quality, live production from virtually anywhere.  We’ve even got remote pan and tilt heads for three of our cameras to further streamline production.


Post-Production is well served by our two AVID Media Composers.






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