Video Your Workshop or Performance on Maui

Affordable video production on Maui for your event!  

Congratulations on creating your upcoming event on Maui.

Maui is a world-class destination with an established and growing reputation as a center for the very best in healing practices and teachers.

You were very smart to choose Maui as a location for your upcoming workshop. Not only is Maui a wonderful place to teach, it also reflects well on you as a teacher that you are bringing your program here.

Your association with Maui and the recognition it brings doesn't have to end when your program here ends.

Small Wonder Video Services can create a video documentary of your teachings on Maui that will forever associate you with this wonderful island and be of great value to your marketing efforts going forward.

We can even film your entire program using our 3 camera live-switched production package and produce a comprehensive DVD for you to sell to your students as an additional source of credibility and revenue for you.
John Friend, Founder Anusara Yoga Filmed at the Studio Maui

Imagine your seminar promoted with a video like this one:

Click here to watch a very effective High Energy Presentation!



World Class Destination
World Class Teachers
World Class Video Production

Sam Small Directing Eckhart Tolle & Wayne Dyer 

Lets discuss how a Video shot on Maui can work to build your business…


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Sam Small filming Ram Dass on Maui







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